Friday, 24 January 2014

High Holborn 2014

I visited High Holborn on Friday 17th January 2014 and took the following photos with my (not very good) camera phone. The first photo looks across from the Chancery Lane Tube entrance (left)to the site of the wrecked building at Number 12:

In the last photo I posted from 1940 (2nd January post) the man in the chef's hat would have been on the left of this photo.

For the second photo I was standing where the red bus waited on the left of the first photo.  I am looking across the street to Dorothy Perkins, which has the street address 8-13 High Holborn:

 This is where the men were digging in the rubble.
For the third photo I moved to a traffic island and looked back towards Grays Inn Road.  This is a reasonable approximation for the first of the black and white photos from the 2nd January post:

The final photo shows the Prudential Building, the towers having been visible in the gloom at the back of the 1940s photos:

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