Friday, 24 January 2014

John Lewis in 2014

On Friday 17th January 2014 I took the following photos of the site of the John Lewis fire from 1940 (see 30th December 2013 post).  The first photo is from Oxford Street looking to the old West House (flags flying), with the site of the East House nearer to the camera and is from a smilar position to the first photo in the 1940 collection:

Walking a little closer, the second photo is on the same alignment as the 2nd, 3rd and 4th photos from 1940 and shows the corner of the building where the domed tower stood:

The traffic junction is with Holles Street.
The third photo looks down Holles Street:

The fourth view is the same photo but looking back up Holles Street towards Oxford Street:

The final photo shows the view of the back of the store from Cavendish Square - this is a possible site where the firemen coming from St Marylebone might have parked their vehicles.

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